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How thinking outside the box helped us grow the electrical enclosure industry.

Power Process Systems is an electrical enclosure and distribution equipment manufacturer. At our fully equipped manufacturing, assembly and wiring facilities in Gauteng and the Western Cape, we produce all components of our products in-house.

In our CNC plants we cut, bend and nest various enclosures, racking assemblies and mounting frames. We also laminate fibreglass boxes and have a complete range of polyethylene enclosures. We fit and wire these enclosures according to required specifications in our various assembly lines. They are then FAT tested prior to delivery.

We predominantly supply to the electrical infrastructure market. Our focus is on Electrical Reticulation (underground and overhead) and Commercial Distribution (office complexes, shopping malls, hospitals, etc.)

We are an OEM and product partner to CBI, ABB, Schneider Electric, Hager, Legrand, Chint and many other common switchgear brands.

We have an ISO 9001/2008/ SABS quality accreditation and are an SABS accredited production facility for electrical assemblies up to 10 kA.

Municipalities and large developers rely on us

Today we supply network distribution equipment to all of the electrical utilities across the country, from Cape Town to Musina. Our clients rely on us to design, develop, manufacture and deliver enclosures and distribution equipment that comply with all regulatory and practical requirements. View our accreditations.

Our enclosures and electrical equipment are manufactured from stainless steel, mild steel, DMC/fibreglass or polyethylene.

In building our base of returning customers, we focus on these goals:

  • To achieve and maintain our adherence to our stringent Quality Management System
  • To strive for continuous improvement of performance by regular reviewing the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the System
  • To comply with applicable legislation and other requirements of the region and country where work is performed
  • To encourage suppliers, customers and contractors to comply and implement these principles.
PPS manufacturing
PPS manufacturing

For easy access on this website, we group our products into reticulation, commercial and industrial.

We are electrical assembly builders, switched on to the expectations and specifications of customers.

Whether you’re a contractor, a project manager, a buyer or a professional responsible for tenders, you need to be absolutely sure the electrical components and assemblies you procure are precisely the right fit for the intended purpose. In our field, so much depends on compatibility and adherence to industry and regulatory standards. It is a responsibility we don’t take lightly at PPS.

Our Quality Management System – your assurance

To make sure we keep delivering products and services that consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and specifications, we live by our Quality Management System. It guides us and drives the process of continuous improvement in pursuit of excellence.

The Quality Management System is a living, hands-on tool to help us maintain our own high standards and those of our customers. The System is documented, implemented, understood and communicated to all personnel and suppliers. It is maintained across all levels of the company, and is made available to our clients on request.

The result of adhering to the Quality Management System shows in the growing number of satisfied returning customers and industry accreditations.

We’re proud of our accreditations. Each one is a reassurance to customers of our unwavering commitment to providing quality above the norm.

CNC fabrication of electrical boxes
Stainless steel DB manufacturing
Custom-made electrical and DB boxes

We adhere to

SABS specifications and standards

  • SABS 141 Glass reinforced polyester (GRP) laminated products
  • SABS 1765 Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies (distribution boards) with a rated short-circuit withstand strength up to and including 10 kA

Quality management

  • EN ISO 9001-2000
  • Eskom IABSTID001


  • NRS 032:1993 Service distribution boxes: For overhead single-phase AC service connections at 230 V
  • NRS 056-2:2004 Service distribution boxes, kiosks, meter, distribution
  • NRS 056-3:2004 Service distribution boxes - Meter kiosks and distribution kiosks Part 3: Low-voltage steel meter kiosks for use in underground networks

Our own manufacturing means three things: uncompromised quality, ready availability and a fair price.

The facilities at Power Process Systems are amongst the best in the business, the outcome of years of experience and innovation.

Watch a short video showing our sheet metal fabrication and production capabilities.

Watch a short video showing our manufacturing facilities and accreditations.

Our CNC departments are well equipped with state of the art machinery. Our staff are capable of performing a spectrum of processes including slitting, punching, bending, corner forming and laser cutting.

Our clients entrust us with manufacturing that requires the highest precision. (See our accreditations.) All our equipment is cutting edge. We strive to remain at the forefront of technology.

Working areas of approximately 10 000 m2 in Johannesburg and 4 000 m2 in Cape Town make up the bulk of our manufacturing facilities.

All processes are done in-house. Except for periphery services such as galvanising, nothing is “jobbed out”.

Distribution Boards

Composite reticulation boxes and related products

Laminated products are manufactured in our Composite Departments, using only the best resin and chemicals on offer. Moulds are designed and produced in-house. All our products carry the SABS 141 certificate of approval. To achieve a consistent tensile strength and finish, we use a process known as “resin transfer moulding”.

Durable polyethylene enclosures

We also offer polyethylene products on request. These are made using our PPS moulds at a dedicated SABS approved polyethylene manufacturing facility.

ISO 9001
Polyethelene DB boxes South Africa
NRS 032
NRS 056

Steel distribution boxes – built tough and shielded against corrosion

To ensure corrosion protection, chemical cleansing and passivation for 3CR12 and stainless steel is carried out at our Pickling and Passivation Plant.

A five-stage dipping process forms the basis of our cleansing process. High-pressure spraying equipment is used for final rinsing.

We treat all our mild steel products with phosphate in a 7-step anti-corrosion process. An independent company determines the chemical levels in our tanks and performs corrosion testing, twice a month.

Our Powder Coating Plants has a double chain “camel-back” curing oven. Two spraying booths allow for higher volumes and for more than one colour to be sprayed at any given time.

Expert assembling and wiring

Final assembling and wiring is facilitated in our Electrical Departments. Our electrical assembly plant is accredited to apply the SANS 1973-3-2008 mark of safety to all our DBs, kiosks and panels up to a 10 kA fault rating.

Ten different assembly stations are well equipped to deal with the required fitment, assembly and wiring of our products.

PPS manufacturing
Composite reticulation boxes

Streamlined logistics

To provide a swift and efficient delivery service, our logistics include a well-maintained and serviced fleet of vehicles, from light commercial delivery vans right up to 4-, 7 and 8-ton trucks with cranes.

Smooth admin

Administration incorporates our Finance, Sales, HR, Purchasing and Design Departments. These are all located in our head office block in Johannesburg and Cape Town. All branches are IT connected for seamless administrative functionality.

Durable polyethylene enclosures
Polyethylene products

Some projects where we were key suppliers.


Greencreek, Pretoria. A Balwin Properties’ residential development, September 2020.


Wesizwe Platinum’s Bakubung Mine, North West Province, February 2019.

Electrical Departments

Annadale Development, Polokwane. Feb and March 2020.

SANS 1973-3-2008

Riversands Apartments, Midrand. Feb to June 2019.

Other major projects completed

  • The Soweto Meter Move Project: 18 000 fibreglass meter boxes.
  • The Soshanguve electrification: 12 000 DMC boxes.
  • Abasi Monte, East London: 7 500 pole mount distribution enclosures.
  • City Power: 15 000+ high-risk protective enclosures in 3CR12.
  • Various large shopping centres such as River Square, Melrose Centre, and other Commercial Buildings.

We are Eskom’s preferred supplier of Meter Kiosks under 1 MVA.

We supply extensively to neighbouring countries, including Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

PPS has successfully completed projects for TANESCO Tanzania and UMEME Uganda. Both projects were for the roll-outs of 20 000+ new KWH meters, supplied fitted and wired into electrical enclosure assemblies.

We have also supplied to Europe, delivering distribution fuse boxes to the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) in Ireland, where PPS had the contract to supply from 2007 to 2009.

At PPS we not only do things right; we do the right things.

Whilst investing great efforts into our manufacturing processes, products and services, the PPS team are also well aware of everything we should be thankful for.

We count our blessings in the sad reality that life is very difficult for many, many fellow South Africans, who struggle through no fault of their own and with little hope of relief without assistance.

We live by the ethos of not only “doing things right”, but also “doing the right things”, and strongly encourage this outlook amongst all our stakeholders, customers, suppliers, staff and service providers.

Without fan-fare and by keeping a sharp eye on situations that affect the most vulnerable, we endeavour to contribute in many meaningful ways. Our efforts are directed at the needs of children, the elderly, distressed families, animals, the environment, and more.

We call on all businesses and individuals to do what they can to help drive this urgent and necessary investment of time/expertise/advice – it needn’t always be money). We urge you to reach out where possible in your local community.

Out of respect for the dignity and, in some cases, sensitivity of those we’ve been fortunate to be able to assist, we choose not to list all our beneficiaries.

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